Hello Music Lovers and Party People, DJ Big B is everything that you are searching for in a professional DJ!!


We look forward in providing you the best in DJ services!!


DJ Big B has the experience and the commitment to jam at any social, business, church, Family , High School Reunions, or promotional events including wedding receptions. DJ Big B has been Djaying for close to twenty years and he has an enormous collection of Ol' School music from the 60's to the 2000's. DJ Big B can also play music that is current and has the option to play clean versions of the latest hits as well.  His variety of music includes R&B, Rap, Jazz, Pop, Gospel, and House music. Upon request he will provide a sample CD of his DJ Skills.  For Locations over 50 miles from McDonough, Ga. a fuel surcharge will apply.   Thank you for your interest in my webpage.

We provide DJ services for any type of event, promotions or personal parties!  Please contact me for questions or inquiries. Providing the best in Old School R&B, Rap, Pop, Blues, House, Dance, Jazz and Gospel music.


We also provide links to other businesses that offer various products and services such as professional hair care products and travel and leisure opportunities. 

Our event schedule caters to grown and sexy people that are over 30. We keep you informed of events such as concerts, festivals, plays, promotions and any other entertainment that may interest our followers.

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